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Try our WAISTBUSTER fat loss treatment for immediate fat volume loss. Lose at least 2” of fat volume loss after your first treatment or your money back, guaranteed!

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weight loss

Dad Bod Weight Loss

Target stubborn chest and belly fat. The UltraSlim® is the only contouring treatment that can reduce visceral fat that is impenetrable by other treatments. Male chest fat has proven to be one of the most responsive types of fat to this red-light therapy.

face rejuv

Face Rejuvenation

Take 10–15 years off your face and neck in as little as two weeks! UltraSlim® significantly tightens skin on your face & neck, sculpts your chin line, and leaves your skin smooth and vibrant! UltraSlim®’s red light therapy produces collagen and elastin fibers which reduce the appearance of aging.

breast reduc

Breast Reduction

UltraSlim® eliminates unwanted fat & sculpts your breasts without surgery, pain, or downtime, and for far less than surgery. Reduce your cup size and firm & lift your breasts. Your customized care plan will include the number of sessions to achieve your goals.

mommy maker

Mommy Makeover

A mommy makeover with UltraSlim® is a set of treatments that will get new mothers back to their pre-pregnancy body – or better! If you’re a mom with little or no time to exercise, this treatment will help tighten, smooth, and slim your body.

skin tightening

Skin Tightening & Cellulite Reduction

The UltraSlim® cellulite treatment visibly reduces the appearance of cellulite. Each treatment lasts about 20 minutes per area, as the light reduces visible cellulite producing results that dieting and exercise cannot achieve. UltraSlim® drains the fat from the cellulite leaving the skin smooth and vibrant.

spot treatment


UltraSlim® works wherever you want it to. Do you struggle with extra fat behind your arms? Do you want to lose fat in your love handles, thighs, back, or belly? If you’ve been told that spot-treating fat is impossible, here’s your solution. UltraSlim® can spot-treat any area of stubborn fat that you wish.

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Results after 1st WaistBuster fat loss treatment!


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What is UltraSlim®?

UltraSlim® is the only non-invasive procedure on the market that’s FDA-cleared for immediate fat loss. This patented red light therapy treatment is proven to stimulate and shrink fat cells immediately and with permanent results. Safely reduce fat, contour your body, and tighten your skin without surgery, downtime, or unpleasant side effects.

The Science

UltraSlim® works through a process called Stimulated Lipolysis. A special, patented light, passes through adipose tissue in order to stimulate fat cells. The fat cells receive the signal as a sign of starvation or a necessary energy release. This process causes the pores in the cell membrane to open, releasing all fat contents, causing the fat cells to shrink. Over the next 72 hours, the fat will continue to safely decrease.

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With an industry-leading reliability rating, the UltraSlim® is an FDA-compliant non-invasive device that has been approved to safely and effectively facilitate immediate fat loss.

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Don’t wait another day to look and feel your best. Schedule a free consultation. We guarantee you will lose 2 inches of fat volume after your first treatment, or your money back.

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